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Area Drainage Repair In Houston

Area Drainage Repair In Houston

Repairing an existing a drain outside your home can run the gamut from simply rebuilding the sump under the grating, to replacing the drain pipe connecting it to the house drain. Either of these issues can be handled easily by a professional.

If you live in the Houston area, feel free to contact Sprinkler Houston powered by Encore Landscaping for expert advice and repairs. Repairs to your outside drain can typically be accomplished in a couple of hours, and almost always within one work day. Regardless of who you call to work on your drain, make sure to get up-front pricing, a written guarantee, and check for proper licensing. Anyone working on your drain line should understand plumbing, local code, and be insured.

Why you may ask? As just one example, improper area drain line connections can result in noxious sewer gases escaping in and around your property. Hiring an unskilled, unlicensed, and possibly uninsured individual would leave you with little recourse. See below for some key points to make sure your repaired or new area drain will work properly for decades to come.


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